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Protects you and your car
Product Model Code : HD-360
Weight: 2.2Kgs
Warrenty Period: 1 Year

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Product details


This bird view system  provides a virtual 360-degree scene of the car in bird's-eye view ,which makes squeezing into tight parking spots much easier,
checking your blind spots when changing lanes, and reversing with cameras fitted all around your vehicle. Our 360 degree car camera systems allow
you to see all around your vehicle, front , rear and sides, no more parking dents and woes. Also the monitoring system can keep cyclic recording of
surroundings even your car is off .This bird view system can make you and your car more safety
  • This system provides you an excellent driving experience as in luxury cars.
  • Original algorithms enable perfect accuracy of the bird view.  
  • The 4 cameras keep recording from the 4 sides of the car

Main features:

  1. Perfect bird view (aerial view,  round view, or panoramic view) of the car surroundings
  2. 4 Channel recording from the 4 cameras
  3. 360 Seamless surround view digital video recorder is your solution
  4. 180 degree high resolution wide angle cameras, capture high resolution video both in the day and at night
  5. The panorama is both driving assistance system is the tachograph system, integration of resources. Compared audio reversing radar, more intuitive security, the traffic, parking, raised to the highest level of safety;
  6. Supporting up to 32GB sd card, 360 seamless surround view digital video recorder can record up to 28 hours of continuous recording.

Brief of the recording function:

While driving, the display will show left or right camera in real time view on display, when either signal is engaged.

While parking, the display will show rear camera in real time view, when in reverse gear

The display will show front camera in real time view when in drive mode. In all circumstances, rear view will be the priority

With each camera, 180 degree wide angle camera, is your extra pairs of eyes, aiding you in parking, driving at night and eliminating blind spot.




  Operation Language



  Graphical Menu Interface (OSD Menu)

  Main Box Video

  Video input

  4-ch dual video input

  Video output

  Single channel dual video output

  Video display

  Surround view overlooking

  Video standard


  Image compression

  H.264 Main profile, compression resource is 25 frame D1/sec


  Automobile condition

  Turn Left

  Display pictures on the left and surround view/single left picture/Non

  Turn Right

  Show pictures on the right and surround view/single right picture/Non


  Simulation surround view display

  Image resolution and storage

  Data storage

  Support SD card of 32GB, and usb interface to hard disk

  Software upgrade

  Support SD upgrade

  Working voltage


  Working current


  Working temperature



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