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Multi-functional Automotive Head up Display
Product Model Code : F203
Weight: 0.29Kgs
Warrenty Period: 1 Year

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Product details


It can project important information (e.g. vehicle speed) onto the front windshield at the eye level of the driver and thus help to make their 
driving safe and sound when driving at a high speed,especially at night without lowering their heads.

Vehicle running at a high speed, especially at night when travelling at high speed    if the driver down to view the instrument display or viewing 
stereo display, front in an emergency is possible because there is no time to take effective measures and cause an accident. To prevent this 
from happening,  a few high-end cars equipped with  headup display ( HUD ) system,  it can project the information on the 
front windshield of the driver level range,  and the display position,  the display brightness is adjustable.


This product is designed for preventing accident, which can project important information ( e.g. vehicle speed ) onto the front windshield at
the eye level of the driver. Besides, the display location and brightness can be adjusted through automatic induction, which can prevent the
driver from looking down at the instrument panel and shorten the time of eyes for the blind spot in front. This can avoid breaking rules and
regulations due to speeding in many speed-limited sections. What's more important, it can enable the driver to read the number instantly
without shifting horizon, which is of vital value in reducing traffic accidents caused by absent-mind due to looking down.


  • This is a multi-functional HUD product which is developed based on OBD interface and has good cost-performance ratio. 
  • It is designed by adopting the latest integrated circuit with stable performance and has a beautiful and elegant appearance. 
  • The installation and adjustment examination can be finished within 3 minutes by using an easier and safer installation method.

Preparation before installation:

  • Know the type of your vehicle
  • Find out the 16 pin diagnostic link of the vehicle and connect it well with OBDII connecting line.
  • Put the give-away non-slip mat at the flat place in front of the navigation bridge, then you can place the host machine of HUD on it and adjust its location at any time.
  • The reflecting film should be pasted right above the host machine and it should be able to reflect the mainframe screen.

 Restore to factory setting

  • Switch off the power supply
  • Press the OK button and switch on the power supply at the same time
  • The unit upper right corner show “0”,and lower left corner also show “0”,it means finish restore setting
  • Display information: Date,Refuel,Engine failure, Engine speed, Engine icon, Fuel consumption, Fuel date, Fuel per hour, Light sensor, Fuel per 100km,Voltage,Throttle position,Temperature,Ignition angle,Acceleration,Seconds,Date,Mileage,Reel per minute, Kilometer per hour, Mile per hour,
  • Display alarm: Speed alarm, Water temperature alarm, fatigue driving alarm

 Accessories of product

  • 1x Host machine of HUD
  • 1x Reflecting film
  • 1xOBD connecting line
  • 1xInstruction book
  • 1xNon-slip mat





  2.5 inches

  Environment temperature

  - 40C~ +80C

  Barometric press


  Relative humidity


  Ambient noise

  below 60dB

  Alarm of sound level

  above 30dB(A)

  Work voltage

  9V~16Vdc (12Vdc)

  HUD size

  8.6 x 5.4 x 1.2 cm / 3.38 x 2.12 x 0.47 inches

  Weight of product





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