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About 77+ Rewards  

77+ points allow you to get more benefits from our online store. Collecting points will elevate your membership level which will gain you even more benefits as you progress.

Every 100 points will be redeemable for 10 Rupees on purchase.

Learn how membership levels & point redemption work.


How to get +points? 


   Register with Lanka77.com to get an immediate reward of 50 Points

   50 Points

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   Rate  products

   After purchasing simply tell us whether the product was good or bad by providing a rating 

   on the product page.

   20 Points 

   Comment on products.

   Review the product that you purchase from us and earn 20 Points.

   20 Points 


   Buy from lanka77.com

   Every 10 rupee you spend for products on Lanka77.com will give you 1 point.

   E.g.: A purchase of Rs. 100 will gain you 10 points.

   Bonus products may have more points than their value, you will be informed of these products when bonuses are available.


   Social Media Connection     

   Facebook like

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   Twitt our products

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Membership levels

 Membership level is decided according to the points you have collected so far

Membership Level


Minimum Orders per Year


0 Points



100 Points


Bronze Member

3,000 points

3 orders in a year 

Silver Member

10,000 points

3 orders in a year 

Gold Member

50,000 points

3 orders in a year 

* To maintain your membership you will have to place orders on our website on a regular basis. This is just to make sure you haven’t abandoned us…

* If you don’t place the mentioned number of orders within the year, your membership will drop by one level. But your +points are not deducted.


Point redemption

  • After achieving a level, the collected points up to then can be redeemed for rupees from the Lanka77.com store at a 10:1 ratio.

Benefits for customer


    Membership Level











   Free Delivery on orders above

 Rs. 10,000

 Rs. 5,000

 Rs. 2,500

Rs. 0 

Redeem your earned points as money    


will I lose any points? and how?

You will lose points when they are redeemed for rupees at the Lanka77.com store.

And in case of a refund we will deduct the exact amount of points you earned from that purchase.

You cannot lose +points in any other way