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Payment methods

The valued customers of Lanka77.com can use any of the 3 options available to pay for any purchase. Select the payment option at the 4th step of the checkout process "Payment Information"

  • Bank Transfer Payment
  • Cash On Delivery
  • Visa/Master Card

Bank Transfer Payment

Selecting this option requires you to pay by a transfer of funds through any bank.

  • After placing the order make a CASH deposits to our Bank account, cheques are not accepted
    • Account No : 0830 33529625 001
    • Account Name : Sunlanka Auto Traders Pvt Ltd
    • Bank : Seylan Bank
    • Branch : Havelock Town
  • Note: This transfer should be placed within 48 hours of order placement. Unconfirmed orders will be cancelled after this time, i.e. at noon of the day after next.
  • Please write the ORDER NUMBER as the “Purpose of Deposit” on the back of the deposit slip
  • And then send a clear image of the back of the Deposit Slip to Lanka77 by;
    • Fax - 011 2058565
    • Email – [email protected]
    • Whatsapp - 077 269 7777
    • Facebook message – fb.com/sunlanka.lk
    • Twitter direct message – twitter.com/sunlanka
    • Instagram direct message – Lanka77.com
  • We will process your order once the payments are received

Cash on Delivery (COD)

  • After placing the order, our customer care team will contact you within 24 hours to confirm the order.
  • If we fail to contact the customer on the first few tries, we will mail them prior to order cancellation. The unconfirmed orders will be cancelled after 48 hours of placement, i.e. at noon of the day after next.
  • The COD orders will function in the usual way most COD orders are carried out. You are required to pay the invoiced sum at the point of delivery to the courier person.
  • You are free to check the goods upon receipt but the payment must be made nevertheless, this is due to the courier being a 3rd party company. If the goods are defective upon receipt, the normal return policy will apply – refer the return policy

Visa/Master Card

  • After selecting “Visa/Mastercard” option you will be redirected to our 3-D secure Sampath Bank payment gateway after the checkout is complete.
  • Note: contact us immediately if you are not redirected - 011 2058565/ 077 2697777
  • Enter the Visa or Master card details at the payment gateway
  • Credit cards are preferable for online payments, but some banks have the option to carry out online transactions with Debit cards. Please contact your bank to find out whether your debit card is capable of online payments.
  • The gateway will send the customer back to Lanka77.com’s ‘Payment confirmation’ page if the payment was carried out correctly.
  • We will process your order immediately and the order will be dispatched as soon as possible.

Refunds will take place according to the same payment method that you have used. E.g. payments by COD will result in cash being handed in person in case of a return. Payments by Visa/Master Card will result in us depositing the money back to your account in the case of a return

For more info. Contact us anytime

Tel:011 2058565

E-mail: [email protected]

Hot Line:077 2697777